Redline Rally Y3: Powered by Iron Heart

Unlike the Indigo Invitational, which is made possible by a select group of contributing partners, The Redline Rally is powered by a single contributing partner. Since the second year of the Rally, Iron Heart has been that partner. Thanks to their support, we are able to keep the competition completely free for all participants.

Iron Heart 526 Lefty Faded by James Casburn

Why Top Contenders Choose Iron Heart

Iron Heart has been a partner for both the Redline Rally and the Indigo Invitational since the very beginning. They’ve been the top brand choice for competitors, but fans of the brand will tell you, this has always been more a reflection of the quality of their products than of their support for this community.

Help us show them how grateful we are for their years of generous support by wearing an Iron Heart piece in this year’s Rally. You can see some of our favourite Iron Heart shirts and jackets here.

Once you’ve selected your piece, you’re ready to register for the Rally.