Redline Rally Prizes

Redline Rally Prizes


1 pair of Mister Lou boots (stock)

For more than a century, Wesco has proved itself to be one of the world’s most dependable and uncompromising builders. Whether you polish your boots a few times a month or push their breaking point, Wesco’s boots will never let you down.


Custom shirt of the winner’s choice

Sweden-based SOSO aims to be the world’s largest producer of affordable, custom-made, high-quality denim. They’ve made leaps and strides as a brand over the last decade, and each step along the way, they’ve shown that they are plugged into this community.

Naked & Famous

2 Items

Year after year, Naked & Famous challenge the limits of what is possible with raw denim. From glow-in-the-dark and scratch-n-sniff denim to cashmere blends and ultra-heavy raws, they continually ask those what if questions that make their brand such a distinctive presence in the market.

Lost & Found

1 pair of Real McCoy’s jeans

In Canada, good workwear stockists can be thousands of miles apart. Wet your compass with Toronto’s Lost & Found as magnetic north. Their carefully curated selection of well-made goods make them a North Star in the fashion wilderness.

Realign Denim

Denim Piece of Winner’s Choice

When Robin Meijerink of Robin Denim announced that he would be starting his own denim brand, we expected something special. He surpassed our expectations. His tapered fit quickly rocketed to essential status, and his newly released slim straight fit is primed to do the same.

Rivet & Hide

£200 gift certificate

Rivet & Hide have been a pillar of the European scene since 2012. Two year after founding their business online, they planted their feet in central London with their first brick and mortar store, which quickly became a beacon for denimheads.

TCB Jeans

Shirt and Jacket of the winner’s choice

A household name among vintage fade enthusiasts, TCB emphasize comfort and wearability with their lightweight denims made from Zimbabwe cotton. Made to be used and abused, and with their trademark vintage touches, their pairs are as essential as they come.


Jacket or Jeans of the winner’s choice

Never a brand to rest on its laurels or keep things simple, Tanuki constantly pushes the envelope. They release stunning collections that come and go, leaving behind a trail of beautiful faded examples. Tanuki’s faithful band of followers grows larger with each passing year.

Redcast Heritage

€300 gift certificate

Spain’s premier destination for high-quality and vintage-inspired menswear, Redcast Heritage have quickly made a name for themselves as purveyors of some of Japan’s most exclusive and hard-to-find denim labels. Their roster of brands grows more impressive with every passing year.


€250 gift certificate

With beautiful collaborations under their belt with Samurai and Japan Blue Jeans, Benzak Denim Developers are making sure that the mark they leave on this scene is an indelible one. A great choice for those who want to fuse Japanese craftsmanship and European styling.

Stock Tank

$250 gift certificate

Born in the Canadian wilds but maturing in Los Angeles, Stock Tank produces everything in small batches. This icon in the making has one of our favourite selvedge lines for women, spectacular custom lids, and one of the best-looking Type IIIs.

The Unbranded Brand

2 Unbranded items

Part of the Naked & Famous family, Unbranded offers a no-frills approach to raw denim that appeals to those who couldn’t care less about celebrity endorsements. No embroidery and no ad campaigns. Their denim speaks for itself.

Self Edge

$300 gift certificate

The backbone of the American scene on both coasts and south of the border, Self Edge offers unbeatable selection, exclusive collaborations, and knowledgeable staff. Look no further if you want the best that the denim world has to offer.


Waxed or Denim jacket of the winner’s choice

Founded by a husband and wife team, Ginew began on the couple’s wedding day. The hide from their wedding buffalo (hunted, prepared, and tanned by the couple and their families) was turned into beautiful belts. Since then, Ginew has come to represent the best of American denim craftsmanship.

Piger Works

One pair of Piger Works jeans

Year after year, Piger Works is the brand of choice for Thai faders who want to showcase their country’s full fade potential. Western faders have started to take notice. With bulletproof construction and carefully sourced heavy selvedges from Japan, it’s not hard to see why.


Cotton Crew Neck Tee

The reigning kings of fade-forward denim, Samurai hold the distinction of being the first denim brand to start their own fade competition. Their new Cotton Project has set a new standard for cotton basics, and we’re very proud to include one of these plush cotton pieces in our prize pool.


Cotton Crew Neck Tee

The reigning kings of fade-forward denim, Samurai hold the distinction of being the first denim brand to start their own fade competition. Their new Cotton Project has set a new standard for cotton basics, and we’re very proud to include one of these plush cotton pieces in our prize pool.


€250 gift certificate

A late addition to our list of sponsoring brands, Amsterdam’s Denham the Jeanmaker has been one of Europe’s most dependable denim brands since 2008. The brand exists on the cutting edge of denim design, but they never lose touch with the timeless classics that helped put them on the map.

Companion Denim

€250 gift certificate

Spain’s foremost denim atelier, Companion Denim has long been a destination for discerning denimheads who want to express their unique style. Whether custom or off-the-rack, your Companion Denim piece, crafted carefully in Spain, will be your constant companion.


1 wallet; 1 belt; 1 FMTTM bag

Singapore-based Obbigood Label has been focusing on crafting hand-made leather pieces that are both unique and useful. Their belts, bags, and wallets can be found in dozens of quality-good stockists around the world, and they are appreciated by those who know quality when they see it.


Set of Suspenders and Suspender Buttons

Picky leather lovers know that Germany’s Timeless Leather Craftsmanship are Europe’s best belt maker. If you’re looking for the perfect and stylish compliment for your well-made selvedge, you can’t go wrong if you make the Timeless choice.


Championship Belt

This one-man operation produces a wide range of beautiful leather products, but Isaac has become a household name among denim enthusiasts for his leather belts. For the discerning selvedge enthusiast, no outfit is complete without one.