Redline Rally Rules

#1 All brands and weights are welcome

Purchase your shirt or jacket wherever you like, but we are asking you to please support our competition partners and sponsors. You can also support the competition by using our buying guides.

#2 Must be Made to Fade

Shirts and jackets must be made to fade. Eligible fabrics:

  • Raw denim
  • Canvas (waxed or unwaxed)
  • Kersey or dobby
  • Chambray

Long-sleeve only.

#3 Must be Brand New on Start Date

Leave tags on your shirt/jacket until after you have submitted raw proof.

Do not soak, wash, or alter your piece until after you have submitted raw proof.

Shirts/jackets with any signs of wear will not be eligible.

#4 Fades must be 100% Natural

No sanding, scrubbing, or pinching. Let the fades develop naturally.

Golden Rule: Do nothing that gives you an unfair edge over your competitors

#5 Support Each Other

We are a tight-knit community of denim enthusiasts united by our love of fades. We want to keep it that way. Be kind to your fellow competitors.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the rule book, reach out to us here.