Indigo Invitational Merch

Indigo Invitational x Redline Rally Battle Rag

€40 + Shipping

Each year, we try to offer our competitors something special that they can wear to commemorate the year-long competition. Tee shirts have been popular, but we wanted to do something a little different this year. 

We designed the II x RR Battle Rag in collaboration with Davide Biondi of Hen’s Teeth Italy. Davide’s bandanas caught our eye every time our paths crossed in Amsterdam, and, when we floated the idea of a competition bandana, he was thrilled to offer his assistance.

The bandanas are identical in design to the red ones we released earlier this year. They feature a pair of cameos, one with jeans, and the other with a faded shirt. There are globes at each corner, and a pair of selvedge shuttles running along two sides of the bandana.

The red versions sold out so quickly that we immediately set the wheels in motion to get a blue version in your hands. We loved the red ones, but this subdued blue beauty might be the best thing we’ve ever produced.

We hope you’ll wear our II x RR Battle Rag with pride. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • 61cm x 61cm (24 inches x 24 inches)
  • Designed by Davide Biondi and Bryan Szabo
  • Screen Printed
  • Made in Italy

The Rebel’s Wardrobe: The Untold Story of Menswear’s Renegade Past

€50 + Shipping

Competition founder Bryan Szabo teamed up with Denimhunters founder Thomas Stege Bojer to produce this close examination of the iconic casual menswear pieces that provide the bedrock for Modern Rebel Style.

With full-length chapters on classic items like five-pocket jeans, denim jackets, denim westerns, tee shirts, and dozens of other classic pieces, The Rebel’s Wardrobe explores some of the history behind each piece and looks at the iconic cultural moments that gave each piece its cachet of cool.

Essential reading for menswear enthusiasts or for those curious about the origins of the pieces that they wear every day, the book adorns the shelves of well-informed and stylish men all over the world.

Autographed copies available upon request.

Heritage Post: Rebel Outfit Special Issue

€14.50 + Shipping

Thomas and Bryan’s follow-up to The Rebel’s Wardrobe, this very special issue of The Heritage Post, available in both English and German editions, covers some of the pieces that didn’t make it into the book, including essentials like the bandana, the chambray shirt, the oxford-cloth button down, the penny loafer, and the wide-brimmed hat.

Unlike the book, this Rebel Outfit issue goes out on a limb to offer practical style advice for those who want to incorporate these pieces into their wardrobes. We also include buying advice, helping you track down the best-available versions of each piece.

We profile some of our favourite modern rebels and some of the world’s best brands that cater to their particular tastes. An indispensable guide for modern rebels, this special issue packs a ton of information, beautiful photographs, and sensible advice into a small package.

Autographed copies available upon request.