Indigo Invitational Prizes

Indigo Invitational Year Four Prizes

Naked & Famous

5 Items (Winner’s Choice)

Naked & Famous perpetually challenge the limits of what is possible with raw denim. From glow-in-the-dark and scratch-n-sniff denim to cashmere blends and ultra-heavy raws, they continually ask those what if questions that make their brand such a distinctive presence in the market.


Five Pairs of Dry Selvedge

The brand that needs no introduction is the same brand that has, for so many of us, been our introduction to the world of well-made selvedge denim. With their renewed focus on more sustainable consumer behaviours, Nudie and this community are a perfect fit for each other.


3 x $300 Gift Certificates

Sweden-based SOSO aims to be the world’s largest producer of affordable, custom-made, high-quality selvedge denim. They’ve made leaps and strides as a brand over the last decade, and each step along the way, they’ve shown that they are plugged into this community.

Wesco Boots

Mister Lou in Custom Leather

Selvedge just isn’t complete without the right pair of boots, and, for serious denimheads, Wesco boots complete the outfit. Like denim, their carefully selected leathers just get better with use and abuse. Take our word for it, the long wait times are more than worth it. Join the line.

Willie's Leathers

1 Pair of Handmade Boots

Established in 2017, Willie’s Leathers have quickly made a name for themselves in the Southeast Asian heritage scene. Made by hand in the Philippines with precision and care, each pair that comes out of William Camona’s workshop has all the hallmarks of quality that boot lovers look for.

Brave Star

2 x $250 Gift Certificates

Founded in 2005, Brave Star were the first premium Made in the US selvedge brand. A true classic in the American scene, they boast some of the most loyal customers in the scene thanks to their ability to effortlessly balance value and quality, durability and stylishness.

Rogue Territory

$500 Gift Certificate

American-made workwear crafted so immaculately that it’s good enough even for James Bond. Adored by stylish rebels the world over, Rogue Territory fuse together Japanese selvedge and American manufacturing, blending fashion and function at such a high level that they’re really in their own category.


3 Pairs + 5 x $50 Gift Cards

One of the brands that helped put Indonesian denim on the map, NBDN, with their distinctive sashiko patches, have been a dependable and unmissable presence in the SE Asian fade scene for years. Some of the first SE Asian fades that caught the world’s attention featured the NBDN badge, and they’re as good as ever.


1 Pair of Custom Jeans

Johann Ruttloff is a man on the move. With his brand-new workshop and showroom in Berlin, he is now positioned at the very centre of the German scene (where he belongs). You won’t find a  a better selection of premium selvedges or a sharper set of shears anywhere. A remarkable custom experience.

Hiroshi Kato

Blade Trucker + 1 Pair of Jeans

With their trademark blend of heritage style and cutting-edge fabrics, Hiroshi Kato manage to combine the fading properties of selvedge with just a touch of stretch in both the warp and the weft. In the process, they’ve given us what just might be the world’s best high-performance, form-fitting denim.

TCB Jeans

Denim Jacket + Jeans

Arguably the un-fussiest selvedge you can find, TCB jeans don’t demand a lot from us. The cost far less than they should, and they don’t need a lot of care when washing. Just use and abuse them like you used to. They thrive under pressure and are an ideal starting point for unfussy faders or newcomers.

Brooklyn Clothing

1 Pair Iron Hearts + 1 Kato Shirt

With a focus on Japanese selvedge and well-made boots and knitwear from the Pacific Northwest, Brooklyn Clothing has helped place Calgary on the map as a destination for rugged menswear enthusiasts. A truly remarkable selection of hard-to-find labels and impeccably made menswear.



It wasn’t too long ago that &Sons kicked things off with a Kickstarter campaign. Word quickly spread, and the UK-based brand has been gathering momentum over the last few years. They have all the swagger of a legacy brand, and the products to back it up. Welcome back!

Merz b. Schwanen

1 Henley + 3 Tees

The only European brand that does their loopwheel knitting in house, Merz b. Schwanen began with the discovery of an ancient time-worn henley in a German flea market. Since then, Merz b. Schwanen have been one of the driving forces behind the revival of heritage manufacturing.

Ni.Co Sculptural Forms

3 x Championship Rings

This Greek metalsmith has stepped forward with an incredible offer. With three arms of the competition this year, we’ll have three separate winners. Ni.Co Sculptural Forms will be making three bronze championship rings—wearable trophies for our winners. Competition rings available upon request.

Redcast Heritage

Denim Jacket (Winner's Choice)

Spain’s premier destination for high-quality and vintage-inspired menswear, Redcast Heritage have quickly made a name for themselves as purveyors of some of Japan’s most exclusive and hard-to-find denim labels. Their roster of brands grows more impressive with every passing year.

Lost & Found

One Pair Real McCoy's

In Canada, good workwear stockists can be thousands of miles apart. Set your compass with Toronto’s Lost & Found as magnetic north. Their carefully curated selection of well-made goods and nearly impossible to find labels make them a North Star in the fashion wilderness.

Self Edge

5 x $100 Gift Certificates

The backbone of the American scene on both coasts and south of the border, Self Edge offers unbeatable selection, exclusive collaborations, and knowledgeable staff. Look no further if you want the best that the worlds of denim and well-made goods have to offer.

Heimat Textil

One Sweater + One Hat

If you care about your knitwear half as much as you care about your jeans (and you should), legendary German knitwear brand Heimat are probably already on your radar. For those who regularly brave the elements, there’s simply nothing better (or warmer) than a Heimat sweater.

Iron Heart Germany

Johnny Cash Western Shirt

The beating heart of the continental arm of the Iron Heart Army, Iron Heart Germany has been a destination for Europe’s serious selvedge enthusiasts since 2020. The shop stocks not only Iron Heart but also associated brands like Wesco and Simmons Belt. Unmissable.


Saddle Bag + Condor Wallet

Singapore-based Obbigood Label has been focusing on crafting hand-made leather pieces that are both unique and useful. Their belts, bags, and wallets can be found in dozens of quality-good stockists around the world, and they are appreciated by those who recognize quality.

Heaton Knife Co.

Trophy Knife for Overall Winner

Crafted a real stand-out prize for us last year. For those who appreciate the artistry of the forge, a piece from Heaton Knife Co. might be the last knife you ever need. From end to end, they’re true works of serviceable art. If you are looking for something sharp and new to add to your EDC, look no further.

Proper Cloth

2 x 2 Custom Shirts

The positive reviews for this custom shirt maker keep piling up. Their fitting algorithm will help you make sure that your first Proper Cloth shirt (and every one after that) will be the best-fitting shirt you’ve ever had. Unbelievable range of fabrics and a tailored fit mean an unbeatable shirting experience.

Pinion Denim

25oz Jeans + 21oz Jacket

Pinion have absolutely exploded onto the scene over the past few years, helped along by their almost cult-like status among some of Thailand’s fading elite. Their heavy selvedge pieces fade like the dickens, and, if you’re looking to go toe-to-toe with the best contrast faders in the world, start here.

Denim Heads

One Shirt (Winner's Choice)

Even a quick look at the Denim Heads website will make it immediately clear how incredible this prize is. The only problem will be picking one piece from among the dozen or so you’ll want. Bar none, this is the best heritage shop in Eastern Europe. A must-visit if you’re ever in Prague.

Rivet & Hide

1 Pair (Winner's Choice)

Rivet & Hide have been standing tall in the European scene since 2012. Two year after founding their business online, they planted their feet in central London with their first brick and mortar store, which quickly became a beacon for those seeking cut-above selvedge and leather brands.

Burg & Schild

One Pair (Winner's Choice)

A true pillar of the European scene, Berlin’s Burg & Schild stock some of the world’s hardest-to-get brands from Europe, Japan, and America. For heritage menswear enthusiasts, walking through their doors is like walking into a candy shop. Just try to leave empty handed. It’s impossible.


5 Tees

The makers of our favourite butter-soft, made-in-Japan, loopwheel tees are leaping from strength to strength. Their natural indigo tees are truly breathtaking, and they are adding new colours every season. Simple and classic, they have been our merch tees since Year Two. Not too heavy, not too light, they’re perfect.

Mister Freedom

One Pair of Californian Jeans

With a cult-like devotion from new-vintage enthusiasts all over the globe, Mister Freedom exist in the rarefied air of the selvedge scene. Immediately recognizable, impeccably finished, and comfortable as the day is long, Mister Freedom pairs are as essential as they come. No collection is complete without at least one of them.

Realign Denim

One Pair of Jeans

Founded by one of our absolute favourite selvedge enthusiasts, Robin Meijerink of Robin Denim, Realign brings together Robin’s decades of denim experience and the nearly unmatched resources of Japan Blue. It’s a match made in heaven, and the offspring of the union are as essential as they come.

Samurai Jeans

1 Pair for Top Samurai Fader

Samurai have returned as a competition partner for Year Four, and, once again, they’re going out of their way to recognize the faders who wear their badge in the competition. The best Samurai fader will get a special prize from Samurai and may also have their pair displayed in Samurai’s flagship store. A tremendous honour.


One Pair of Heavyweight Jeans

Makers of some of the most serious heavyweight pairs in Southeast Asia, Sage have been a fan favourite since the very beginning of this competition. Whether you hail from the East or the West, Sage pairs are primed for some serious and seriously striking fades. Get ’em on your legs.


Samurai Heavy Chinos

Munich’s best rugged menswear retailer manages to cram absolutely everything you need into their cozy little tucked-away shop. Their carefully curated collection of heritage brands leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, and you’re sure to discover something entirely new every time you walk through their doors.

Baird Jeans

One Pair of Jeans

This one-man brand from Illinois is doing all the little things right. He’s using some of the best available denims from Japan, and he’s assembling each pair in his own backyard. The results are really remarkable—especially for a new brand. If you’re looking for a pair that will get noticed right out of the gate, check out Baird’s pairs.


One Pair of Jeans

With all of their denim products proudly made in San Francisco, Tellason continues to produce American workwear in the old-fashioned way—slowly, passionately, and close to home. An excellent mixture of Japanese selvedge and American craftsmanship. A great pick for serious contenders who need durable pairs.


One Pair of Jeans

Founded in 2003, Deluxeware are one of only a handful of Japanese selvedge brands that have an on-site factory where they can control absolutely every aspect of production. The brand flies below the radar in the West, but they’re home-town heroes in Japan. Word is spreading. This label will soon be everywhere.

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

One Pair of Jeans

From their base in a refurbished London factory, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers have been carefully crafting pairs of selvedge since 2016. They do things well, do them entirely locally, and always in the most ecologically responsible way possible. A true beacon of both style and sustainability.

Merica Lee

One Pair of Jeans

Our favourite brand to recommend to female faders, Merica Lee offers the kinds of curve-hugging fits that women spend years or even decades looking for. Their corseted waists have been a revelation for women who have tried them, and their denims fade beautifully.


€250 Gift Certificate

With collaborations under their belt with Samurai and Japan Blue Jeans, Benzak Denim Developers are making sure that the mark they leave on the European selvedge scene is an indelible one. A great choice for those who want that rare mixture of artisan selvedge and European styling.

74 Denim

Type II Jacket

Some of Thailand’s top faders have started making the switch to 74 Denim. For the past few years, some of the home-grown Thai brand’s seriously heavy made-to-fade pieces have been making waves in this competition. At this rate, 74 Denim may soon become a household name—and not just in Southeast Asia.

Carnivores Soul


Indonesia’s Carnivores Soul cater to motorcycle riders who want lasting clothes. Their back pockets are immediately recognizable as being designed for life in the saddle, and the same can be said for their graphic tees and, indeed, their entire philosophy. Primed for the hard-wearing high-octane life.

Cloth & Cut

Portland Fatigue Overshirt

Cloth & Cut draw inspiration from iconic workwear, militaria, and outdoor gear. They are obsessed with details, with the almost unnoticeable touches that yesterday’s manufacturers used to create durable and useful garments. A Cloth & Cut piece is an education in the history of beautiful and well-made things.

Kind Supply

One Pair of Jeans

Vietnam’s Kind Supply are helping show that Vietnamese manufacturing has considerable muscle to flex. We first noticed them when we saw one of their alpaca-lined N-1 deck jackets. In terms of bang for buck, their outerwear’s tough to top. Definitely a brand to watch in the years ahead.

Pigeon Tree

Championship Belt

This one-man operation produces a wide range of beautiful leather products, but Pigeon Tree has become a household name among denim enthusiasts for his quick-release leather belts. For the discerning selvedge enthusiast, no outfit is complete without at least one of them (and few people stop at one).

Nama Denim

One Ready-to-Wear Item

The world is starting to appreciate the depths of Thailand’s passion for denim, thanks in no small part to makers like Nama. The Bangkok-based brand has built a stellar reputation on the back of their fast-fading denims and smart tailoring. Either off the rack or custom, they’re a great choice.


Fiction 1845 Belt

Arguably America’s finest bespoke bookmaker, JD Gabbard has, from his small corner of Missouri, revolutionized the American heritage footwear scene. Kreosote boots are far more than just footwear. They’re fire-breathing monsters of precision craftsmanship.

Hollywood Trading Co

Stingray Studded Belt

Specializing in new-vintage sneakers and studded belts, Hollywood Trading Company mixes one part rock and roll with one part contemporary aesthetics. With Zip Stevenson (of Stevenson Overalls fame) at the helm, this is definitely going to be a brand to watch.


Ranger Belt

Picky leather lovers know that Germany’s Timeless Leather Craftsmanship make some of Europe’s finest leather goods. If you’re looking for the perfect and stylish compliment for your well-made selvedge (either for your waist or your back pocket), go with something Timeless.

Luke's Custom Belts

One Belt

If you appreciate high-quality leathers, you’ll want to take a look at Luke’s page. He starts each of his custom belts with high-grade veg-tanned hides from tanneries like J&FJ Baker and Hermann Oak (some of them north of 8mm thick). Serious patina-primed belts.

Bweiss Leather

Custom Belt

Every Bweiss Leather piece is hand measured and hand cut. Starting with the absolute best hides, they produce leather pieces that are designed to last a lifetime. Their belts will patinate brilliantly during their lifetime—the perfect companion for heavy selvedge.

Hen's Teeth Italy

Two Tees and One Bandana

Each Hen’s Teeth piece is designed to be the foundation for a very small personal wardrobe—a kit of timeless and well-made classics that can fit inside a single bag. With a bag full of Hen’s Teeth, you’re ready to hit the road, and you’re ready for whatever the road might bring your way.

Tate + Yoko

Japanese for warp and weft, Montreal’s Tate + Yoko (part of the Naked & Famous family) are one of the world’s premier quality-goods outlets. With a focus on Japanese-made, superior-quality garments, they can outfit you from head to toe.

The Unbranded Brand

Part of the Naked & Famous family, Unbranded offers a no-frills approach to raw denim that appeals to those who couldn’t care less about celebrity endorsements. No embroidery and no ad campaigns. Their denim speaks for itself.