Competition Partners

Our generous partners help keep this competition broadly inclusive and free for all. They support this community, helping us keep the lights on. We encourage all our competitors to support the brands that support us and our community.


For the first time, we are allowing competitors who have completed a full year of the competition to return with their faded pairs for a second lap of the track in Year Four. Limited to 100 competitors, Re(Pair) will see some of our top faders pushing their pieces well beyond their breaking point.

Registration for Re(Pair) has now closed. If this very special leg of the competition produces the kind of results we hope it will, we will bring it back for subsequent years.

Re(Pair) Specialists + Prizes

We know that many of our competitors will need to have their pairs mended before, during, or after the competition. Indeed, we have started Re(Pair) to showcase the unmatched beauty of fully faded and mended selvedge denim.

We’ve partnered with a small number of sashiko and repair specialists, who have agreed to provide prizes for some of our top finishers. When the time comes for mending, we are encouraging you to have your pair repaired by one of the sponsoring specialists listed below. 


Complete Denim Repair + 15% Discount for Competitors

The spiritual home of European sashiko and artful selvedge repairs, Amsterdam’s Sashikodenim has been extending the life of much-loved and well-worn pairs since he started sharing pictures of his work on Instagram in 2015. Ever since, his small studio has been overflowing with denim in various states of disrepair.

Everything that enters his shop is repaired with experts hands. His tools are his hands, his needle, and his scissors. That’s it. If you see fading as an art form, you’ll be in good company with Pey and his team of sashiko specialists, who are artists in the truest sense of the word.


Two Repairs + $250 GC

This hidden gem in Jersey has been a secret weapon for one of our favourite competitors. Christopher Wyatt earned a Top Five finish in Year Two, missing the podium by inches. More than his fades, it was Wyatt’s repairs that turned the judges’ heads. Grayford’s deserves at least partial credit for Wyatt’s strong finish.

Repair specialist Brad Bonnema takes pains to mend selvedge in ways that are period correct. A passionate vintage collector and dealer, he is uncompromising in his search for authenticity. This shows in his work. A repair from Grayford’s is not just a way to keep your jeans wearable; it’s an experience and an education in denim and mending history.


One Full Repair + Pair of Super Stitch Jeans

Super Stitch began in October of 2016 with the purchase of a 1940s Union Special 43200. Founder Arthur Leclercq provided chain-stitch hemming services, and he quickly expanded from there, adding new vintage machines to his workshop that allowed him to repair and tailor denim to meticulous vintage standards.

Now one of Europe’s foremost denim experts, Arthur has translated his experience into a range of jeans that go toe to toe with our Japanese favourites. We’re excited to have Super Stitch with us as one of our repair specialists, and we hope we’ll see a few Super Stitch pairs in the running this year in the classic Invitational.

Railcar Fine Goods - California

Duck Chore Coat + $100 Repair GC

The true one-stop shop for denim and denim repair, California’s Railcar Fine Goods is perhaps best known for their top-shelf jeans, shirts, and jackets, but they’ve embedded themselves deep in the Californian scene by stocking other great brands and offering the widest range of repair and alteration services in the United States.

We’re very proud to welcome them as one of our Re(Pair) sponsors, and we know that our serious American competitors already have Railcar on speed dial. When the finish line comes into view, the repair experts at Railcar can help get that pair in showroom condition.

Wabi Sabi Denim - Berlin

One Full Repair

With founder Daniela Bergert plying the needle and thread, Berlin’s denim-loving subculture has an incredible resource at its fingertips. Daniela’s superb work helps keep much-loved and much-worn pairs on sturdy legs. Her best work is a product of a long collaboration between her denim-loving customers and herself, with the one wearing and the other repairing.

Before you retire that distressed pair, see what Daniela can do. She’ll make that pair that’s fallen apart after years of wear sing again and rekindle that faded romance between you and your favourite pair. We’re very proud to welcome her to the Indigo Invitational community, and we highly recommend her work.